Looking for a new style this spring?
Consider this your green light.

Packed with apparel and accessories perfect for the season, the Spring 2022 VW DriverGear Collection is sure to delight and thrill your sense of style with all-new range of hats, hoodies, tees, and more.

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Lifestyle merchandise for the Volkswagen enthusiast.

When your love for Volkswagen extends far beyond the driver’s seat, VW DriverGear offers the items and accessories you need to voice your brand appreciation—loud and clear. From exciting apparel for all seasons to fan-favorite merchandise you can enjoy year-round, VW DriverGear has something to get every enthusiast’s heart racing—just take some time to explore our extensive inventory and see. It’s cool. It’s authentic. And it’s made just for you.
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With a near 40-year history as America's hottest hatch, the Golf GTI embodies Volkswagen engineering and performance like none other—so we're celebrating the launch of the new Mk8 GTI with a limited-edition collection of apparel and posters.
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