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The latest styles from our Winter 2018 Volkswagen DriverGear collection will have you out and about this season. From cozy knits and hooded sweatshirts to all-season jackets—layer up and hit the town (or the mountains) with a full complement of VW branded accessories, hats, watches, and more! You're in for a flurry of attention!

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Lifestyle merchandise for the Volkswagen enthusiast.

When your love for Volkswagen extends far beyond the driver’s seat, VW DriverGear offers the items and accessories you need to voice your brand appreciation—loud and clear. From exciting apparel for all seasons to fan-favorite merchandise you can enjoy year-round, VW DriverGear has something to get every enthusiast’s heart racing—just take some time to explore our extensive inventory and see. It’s cool. It’s authentic. And it’s made just for you.
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Bundle up in style this winter with a new collection from DriverGear! Browse our new Winter catalog today.

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